Kyoto Local Pub Sake Tasting and Walkabout

(Kyoto Prefecture)

  • 6:00pm ~ 10:00pm
  • All-Inclusive Tour
Allow Four (4) hours for this tour

Meet at Kyoto Station

First we will walk over to one of the most extensive stand up Sake Bars in Kyoto. Located inside of a modern shopping mall, we will drink three different Kyoto Sakes here and compare them. We will also have an appetizer here. This is a full glass of Sake.

We will then walk through the station, (about a ten-minute walk) to the north side and stop at another Sake bar for a tasting of one sake, a full glass mind you.

We will then head over to a 300 yr-old former Samurai Residence, where we will enjoy eight different sakes with appetizers. Here we will try ‘ochoko’s’. These are smaller cups, traditional used in serving sake.

You will learn the history of sake, the process in making sake with a little Japanese culture and manners for drinking sake.


  • Interpretive Guide & Translation for 4 hours
  • Various Multiple Appetizers and Sake Tasting

You will learn a few fun facts about Japan on the way, the history of food and get to sample Japanese sake and food.

¥10,000 per person (All-Inclusive of food and beverage, Guide Fee)
2 persons minimum
6 persons maximum

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