Private Customized Tours and Backwoods Tours

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Didn’t find the temple you were looking for? There are 1,700 Temples and 750 Shrines in Kyoto alone! I will customize a package for you at the standard rate of ¥3,000 per hour for groups up to 6 persons. You pay the taxi fare, lunch and sake.

If you want me to add a car for groups u to 6 persons: ¥6,000 per hour for groups up to 6 persons only (usually what everyone does) then the car is complimentary.

The standard rate for the car (like through MK Taxi Service) up to four passengers is ¥45,000 per day for up to 3 people + me unless it is a bigger van you want at ¥60,000 per day for up to 8 persons + me.


Buses are slow and get caught in traffic wasting our time and the train system is not as complex as it is in Tokyo or Osaka. Most of the places are accessible but may require a little extra walking time and can eat into our tour time. If it is okay with you, it is okay with me. Taxi’s or private cars are the best means of transportation to get us where we need to go swiftly so your time at each destination is maximized.


Fill out the form and let me know what you would like to see, what foods you might be interested in and any allergies or health issues I need to know about.


Want me to take you deeper into Japan? How about a fishing village in northern Kyoto? How about a Hot Springs mountain retreat? A place where no other foreigners usually tread (Including Japanese tourists).

I will put together an ‘off the beaten path’ tour for you and guide you over the course of one to three days, take you into hidden towns, mountain areas and off the wall hot springs that you would not have gone to if you were not with me.

I promise to stay in my own room (LOL) and guide you on an amazing journey into deep local territory to experience the ‘real’ Japan, not touched by tourism. We will eat local fish, meat and vegetables grown in their own gardens and rivers, fresh delicacies, super nice local people with a deep Japan feel. Come experience it with me. I will take care of you!

  • Standard rate of ¥22,000 per day
  • You will pay for my room and board, lunches and transportation also
  • Your room and board will vary depending on where I book.
  • Meals are usually included for breakfast and dinner. Lunches will be where we find them.

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